Re: Sad news from Toronto

From: Images Festival (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 09:50:38 PDT

Hello Frameworkers,
Double apologies in order ‹ I both forgot to include info about the sudden
passing of filmmaker
and film advocate Roberto Ariganello and didnıt see Maïaıs post. Iıve
included more detailed
information about the memorial tonite as well as links to more information
and requests for photos.
This loss leaves a huge hole in the film community in Toronto and Canada ‹
our condolences to
Robertoıs family, friends and colleagues around the world.

Please join the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) for a
community memorial 
in celebration of the life and work of Roberto Ariganello.
The memorial will take place from 7pm onwards on Wednesday, August 23rd, at
129 Spadina Ave (in the alley).
Refreshments will also be served adjacent at YYZ Artistsı Outlet, 401
Richmond Street West, Suite 140.
7:00 PM ­ Refreshments and Drinks at YYZ
7:15 PM ­ Screening #1 @ Cinecycle (32 min)
Yesterdayıs Wine (Roberto Ariganello, 1999, 10 min, 16mm)
Loteria (Roberto Ariganello and Federico Hidalgo, 1996, 22 min, 16mm)
8:00 PM ­ Open Mic, Parking Lot @  Cinecycle/401 Richmond St. W.
An opportunity for all to share their thoughts, memories, and tributes
9:15 PM ­ Screening #2 @ Cinecycle (29 min)
Shelter (Roberto Ariganello, 2001, 8 min, 16mm)
Non-Zymase Pentathlon (Chris Gehman and Roberto Ariganello, 1995, 6 min,
Contrafacta (Chris Gehman and Roberto Ariganello, 2000, 15 min, 16mm)
During the memorial, people will have the opportunity to contribute to a
photo/scrapbook about Roberto,
which will be kept at LIFT for anyone to view in the future. People are
encouraged to bring pictures
(of which they have copies), tokens of memory, pre-written materials (that
can be pasted into the book),
and/or things they would like to write in the book. This book will be a
physical one-of-a-kind scrapbook
that will come together by the end of the evening. Materials will be
available for writing, pasting, etc.
We are also asking for photos of Roberto, digital or print, which can be
brought to the memorial or emailed to:
email suppressed
More information is available at
Best regards,
Scott Miller Berry
448-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto. Ontario M5V 3A8 Canada
T 416.971.8405
F 416.971.7412
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