Re: Carmen D'Avino & Cecile Starr

From: Diane Kitchen (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 14:16:41 PDT

Hi Mark,

   Here at UWM we have Cecile Starr's A TALK WITH CARMEN D'AVINO
(1972, color, sound, around 8 minutes), a used print purchased from
Cecile several years ago. Not what you are looking for but I'll tell
you about it :

   In the film she speaks about animation, he describes the discipline
of doing animation. These scenes are in relatively good shape. The
shots that cut to a radiator and animation of his painted room are
faded ones, tape spliced into the print. He also describes a
scroll-type painting; the shot of the scroll is not faded..

Until later,

>Howdy all -
>Some of you may have heard that the filmmaker Carmen
>D'Avino died about a year and a half ago, in late
>2004. He was extremely active up until his death, and
>his passing is mourned by family, many good friends,
>and admirers.
>At the Academy, we just received the film materials
>surviving in Carmen's own collection from his estate,
>and I'm beginning to sort them out and figure out what
>can be done to preserve/restore them. There are lots
>of problems.
>All too frequently, it's only prints of experimental
>films that survive, and not the originals themselves.
>So far, this is very much the case with most of
>Carmen's work.
>If anyone out there knows where prints (or other
>elements) of Carmen's films exist, could you please
>get in touch with me?? Whether it's private
>collections, public collections, school or public
>libraries, former distributors or labs, or whatever,
>it could be a great help.
>I've already checked with Harvard Film Archive (which
>has the former Cinema 16/Grove Press collection), and
>UC Santa Cruz has a few as well. I'm also in touch
>with Donnell in NYC. Any other leads will be
>INCREDIBLY helpful.
>my best wishes and thanks in advance,
>Mark Toscano
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