Re: Tanked

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 13:42:27 PDT

> Moreover, I get very tired of the Frameworks
> attitude, "well I've
> done such and such and so you should be able to as
> well." We all have
> different talents, different resources. So maybe you
> are more heroic
> than somebody else. It's bad form to dump on other
> volunteers because
> they don't put in as much as you do, if that's the
> case (of which we
> have no evidence).

You know I would really agree with this but you were
just doing the same kind of thing in your other
posting. Maybe sometimes there just shouldn't be a
film screening at all. It's a shame because it's
really nice to have lots of screenings and lots of
films to watch but there we are.



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