Current TV needs content

From: cynthia walker (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 11:31:58 PDT

Current TV is sponsoring a contest (part of the point of which is
to attract more content/raise their profile as content-acquirers, so
filmmakers will submit more work...)

 Salient details are: film should
be a short, 3-10min long, can be on video, grand prize is 100,000, two
second prizes are 10,000, all submissions are eligible for air rights
deal with compensation...(meaning, if work is good/usable to them
that's a likely possible outcome)
they want filmmakers of all levels (i.e.,
don't have to be students or first time filmmakers). Work has to be
new/not screened elsewhere. "Tolerance" is theme, but can feature
"intolerant" characters. "Doc" only; no "art" (!) :-) Deadline is Oct 2.

more info at:

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.