Re: witchie movies

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 22:56:25 PDT

HAXAN aka WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES is pretty great and witchy. There
are two versions, one w/a W S Burroughs narration (thanks to Balch who
has English rights back in the six-six-sixties) which is suitably
Burroughsian, tho' the original silent version is pretty good also.

more recently there is the very good Hong Kong 'horror' movie DUMPLINGS
which I guess could be read as about a witch - certainly it has secret
potions, magic, etc all coming from a mysterious folkish woman. To say
much more is to give away too much, but it is a very good movie.

Polanski's MACBETH has some pretty great witches obviously, then
there's kids' movies like THE WITCHES, THE WIZARD OF OZ, and also kids'
'adventure' movies such as the crappy (but possibly entertaining when
you're 8 years old) CLASH OF THE TITANS with the three blind witches
sharing one crystal ball that enables them to see... and then there's
all those Hammer horror movies.... then all those 'pagan' movies with
witches such as THE CRAFT, and, of course the BUFFY TV series...


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> S> "Burn Witch, Burn"
> And the one it's a remake of, _Weird Woman_ (194?)
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