Screening this Sunday + Sad news from Toronto

From: Images Festival (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 16:21:34 PDT

Hello Frameworkers,
Sorry to have missed the weekly listing, here is a screening we are
presenting this Sunday 27 August (FREE!)

³A Little Planet²
Sunday 27 August 2006
1:30 pm @ Studio Theatre
Even before globalization, artists have been cultureıs pre-eminent
explorers, whether through adventure or imagination.
Now, wanderlust (enforced or desired) is the core of the independent arts,
as artists find they often have the most in common
with audiences and creators continents away. The Images Festival has built
itself on these borderless exchanges of ideas,
aesthetics and pleasure. These films and videos, drawn from the Festivalıs
larger milieu, speak of place and passions,
crazy days and sleepless nights, travel and weariness. Films and videos by
Jun Miyazaki (Japan), Adel Abidin (Iraq/Finland),
Jeanne Liotta (US), Diane Bonder (US), Michael Robinson (US), Steve Reinke
(Canada), Christopher Chong (Malaysia/Canada)
Semiconductor (UK) and Philip Hoffman (Canada).
A Little Planet (Jun Miyazaki, Japan, 16mm, 7 min, 2002)
A silver ball, suspended in the air, travels around Tokyoıs suburbs,
reflecting its surroundings in its globe.
Crazy Days (Adel Abidin, Iraq/Finland, video, 13 min, 2005)
An Iraqi finds himself alone in Finland. Peculiar habits are examined,
displacement reinforced. Shopping, so far from home.
Ask the Insects (Steve Reinke, Canada, video, 8 min, 2005)
The prodigal Reinke returns, as if he never left. The same small town, with
only steps between youth and old ageŠ once you climb the hill.
Tuesday be My Friend (Christopher Chong, Malaysia/Canada, 9 min, video,
A Chinese Malaysian girl quietly steps across culture lines, donning the
Muslim tudung (hij ab). Is distance so close?
Land of Enchantment (Jeanne Liotta, USA, Super 8mm screening on video, 4
min, 1994)
A mystical land where the compass canıt find north. Lost in the moment.
You donıt bring me flowers (Michael Robinson, USA, 16mm, 8 min, 2006)
A collection of National Geographic landscapes from the 60's and 70's,
viewed straight down the cracks in the seams. American romanticism ‹
entitlement from sea to shining sea ‹ degrades into a blinding white
distress signal.
Sound of Microclimates (Semiconductor, UK, video, 8 min, 2004)
An examination of whatıs underfoot, as momentary disturbances in the Paris
streets form new weather patterns.
Kokoro is for Heart (Phil Hoffman, Canada, 16mm, 7 min, 1999)
A sound poem, performed by Gerry Shikatani in a gravel pit. Spontaneous
inspiration, celebrated collaboration.
I remember now, we never danced, I miss you, good-bye (Diane Bonder, USA,
16mm, 8 min, 2006)
A fond farewell from Diane Bonder, who passed away this summer. Memories of
boardwalk lullabies during summer afternoons.
We travel through this life, reaching towards joy.

The Images Festival is made possible thanks to our gracious funders: The
Canada Council for the Arts,
the Ontario Arts Council, the Department Canadian Heritage, the City of
Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council,
Telefilm Canada, The Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Department of
Foreign Affairs.

Best regards,
Scott Miller Berry
448-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto. Ontario M5V 3A8 Canada
T 416.971.8405
F 416.971.7412

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