Re: The Tank

From: Adam Trowbridge (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 21 2006 - 17:42:13 PDT

> hmmn i don't know
> i don't think that seeing a problem as too large for any one
> or one person leads us to effective action

What sort of action? Effective at what, for who?

> and
> i think it is an important activity
> to be able to voice disagreement and raise questions
> about anyone's activities
> be that individual or group

Voicing disagreement is a neutral activity that can be effective or
ineffective, depending on the goal. In the case of the Tank
criticism, I missed the intent. I didn't see any specific questions

> i think getting muddled in superficial uses of "tone"
>(whatever that means in written text)

"style or manner of expression in speaking or writing <seemed wise to
adopt a conciliatory tone>"

> some people don't agree with the tanks funding activities
> that is understandable

I'm not sure I understood, or understand, what it was specifically
about the Tank's call for submissions and the fee associated that
people found disagreeable.

> sometimes when i go to events and see it's funded by
> say red bull i am happy
> cause they are kinda good about funding excellent idea stuff
> weird stuff - also i like kiehl's
> but
> some i don't think they fit what they fund - they aren't really
conscious in
> that way
> i think questioning the ideology behind the/any activity is very
> and healthy
> i don't think it is about trying to "dishearten..." anyone
> the opposite i would say

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