Re: dolby sr?

From: MercerMedia (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 14:29:44 PDT

>>Waiting for Bill Seery to pipe in on this.

Jeff "Dubly" Kreines<<

I promised myself I wouldn't, but if JK's passing the pipe....

I probably mix at least one film a month that finishes on or goes to
film (sadly less as time goes on.) I have never heard of SR being used
with 16mm. I have to concur with what everyone else has posted so far.
You will probably never find a venue with a system that can decode it.

Is there some piece of information missing here? Curious who you're
working with.

I send all of my 16mm optical work to Fran Bowen at Trackwise,
212.627.7700. She is a candidate for sainthood, or at least
beautification in my book.

Bill Seery
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