Re: interior monologue

From: J. Reed (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 16:18:41 PDT

Did anyone say _Superman: The Movie_? (that's the one from '78.) There is
a scene where Superman flies around with Lois Lane in tow and we can hear
her interior monologue. "Can you read my mind..."


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>Subject: Re: interior monologue
>Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 23:11:59 -0600
>Good point about Grizzly Man. I like grey-area cases like that. Regarding
>the noir example, the past-tense "was" makes it voice-over narration (i.e.,
>extradiegetic) disguised as an interior monologue. If the guy was really
>talking to himself he'd say "She's trouble. Ain't that just like a dame.."
>or something like that.
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> what about Herzog's brilliant Grizzly Man? There's a lot of footage of
>Tim Tredwell walking around the Alaskan wilderness talking, but of course
>he is the only person there, so even though it's not really interior much
>of what he says is just verbalising his thought process and wasn't intended
>for the public. can we see this as a manifestation of interior monologue?
> regarding interior dialogue, what about all those film noir movies where
>the audience are privy to the private investigator's thoughts, "she was a
>dame all right, and trouble" etc etc. has anybody said Fight Club?
> Jack
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