Carmen D'Avino + his films: preservation help needed!

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 16:37:59 PDT

Howdy all -

Some of you may have heard that the filmmaker Carmen
D'Avino died about a year and a half ago, in late
2004. He was extremely active up until his death, and
his passing is mourned by family, many good friends,
and admirers.

At the Academy, we just received the film materials
surviving in Carmen's own collection from his estate,
and I'm beginning to sort them out and figure out what
can be done to preserve/restore them. There are lots
of problems.

All too frequently, it's only prints of experimental
films that survive, and not the originals themselves.
So far, this is very much the case with most of
Carmen's work.

If anyone out there knows where prints (or other
elements) of Carmen's films exist, could you please
get in touch with me?? Whether it's private
collections, public collections, school or public
libraries, former distributors or labs, or whatever,
it could be a great help.

I've already checked with Harvard Film Archive (which
has the former Cinema 16/Grove Press collection), and
UC Santa Cruz has a few as well. I'm also in touch
with Donnell in NYC. Any other leads will be

my best wishes and thanks in advance,

Mark Toscano

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