Sans Soliel: At least they will see the black.

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 14 2006 - 08:31:52 PDT

Someone asked if the DVD of La Jetee/Sans Soliel was a
good transfer. I'm trying to sort out my life here and
I have just come across a copy of this DVD that my
brother gave me for Christmas. I'm not sure quite why
he gave me a DVD of this film. I think I must have
mentioned La Jetee or something, and he must have
leapt on it as a good present. "Oh look, theres that
DVD that Freya said she liked".

I think my family members are never sure what to buy
me for presnets. The terrible irony of it all is that
that they could probably get away with giving me any
old junk if it was shiny or preety or something
"Oooooh preety shiny thing" *freyas eyes glow*.
However I guess they don't know that and they would
probably feel bad about palming me off with such
things. (Ack maybe I am being hard on myself I'm not

Anyway he mostly sees me once a year and has the
occasional telephone conversation, so it's hard and
not helped by the fact that my family has never really
seen me in a good mood, as the main time they get to
see me is when I'm visiting my family, which tends to
mean I'm not in the best state of mind. This last
Christmas, was a good year for presents from my
brother tho. As well as this DVD he gave me a film
called "Wild Strawberries" and a film called "Persona"
which both look like good choices although I've not
watched either yet.

He also had by this point worked out that I was
studying art and gave me two art books. I was a bit
dismayed to find that they were misprinted and they
had left out all the pictures, which to me seems like
a terrible fault in an art book but he pointed out
that there weren't supposed to be any pictures and
that the books were full of good ideas instead. I felt
a little skeptical at this and asked if they were good
ideas I could steal. He seemed a little horrified at
my suggestion. I don't think he understands tho that
even if I steal things, they still tend to come out
Freyish for some reason so it doesn't matter.

So I finally came to put the Sans Soliel disc in my
player. I'm not sure why I suddenly decided to do
this. It just seemed like a good idea all of a sudden.
It may be to do with the fact I'm supposed to picking
up the pieces of my life and sorting things out, which
is all a bit of a bother really, and it's far easier
to eat chocolate and watch Chris Marker films.

I've seen about 7 minutes or something so far. A bit
past the cat temple, (which I would like to visit
before I die but probably never will) but I was most
taken with the opening 30 seconds. I think I will
watch that again. The opening 30 seconds kind of made
me cry and laugh at the same time.

Oh yes the transfer! The transfer appears to be
excellent! The colourist seems to have done a magical
job and made everything exactly the right colour in my
opinion. At least to my eyes, it all looked exactly
right and vibrant and beautiful.

One day I will meet Chris Marker in the supermarket
and after coming to a nice agreement about who gets
the last tin of chick peas, he will probably tell me
that it is all wrong, and that the colours were never
meant to be that way, and that he wanted to attend the
transfer but they got the wrong Chris Marker and it
was some other Chris Marker who attended. The other
Chris Marker had the wrong idea about the colours
completely because he wasn't a filmaker and sold
futons, which is a fine trade, but can give you a
completely different idea about the way the colours
ought to be. However this meeting in the supermarket
hasn't happened yet and I still think that the colours
looked exactly right and very beautiful.

Of course I havn't seen all the film yet. This is
because I wanted to rush downstairs and tell you all
what a beautiful film it is. Well the bit I have seen
so far is. Maybe I won't like the ending.

The film is just a documentary really. Just a sort of
totally ordinary travel documentary type thing, only
it isn't really about anything, by which I mean it
isn't about anything specific really, at least not so
far, mostly so far, it's just about stuff, and life.
Probably someone will tell you it is about the human
condition or something.

This makes it all sound very boring and wishy washy,
the kind of film that people watch for the beautiful
cinematography but little else, and with a narrator
who mumbles on about nothing in paticular to boot but
this film isn't like that at all. Yes it has beautiful
pictures, but it is also full of magic both in the
narration and the pictures. I've already decided it is
a very special film.

Which leaves me the dilema of course of whether I
should watch the rest of the film right now. Maybe
this isn't the right time to be watching the film.
Things aren't so good and there are other things I
should be doing, like maybe working out how to
assemble my Marimba?

On the other hand maybe now is exactly the right time
to watch this film, and tommorow may be too late.
Tommorow I could die in an exploding or crashing bus
or anything.

Yes I think I'm going to watch the rest of it right
now and then if it's not the right time I can watch it
again later when it is the right time. I'll just get
antoher chunk of chocolate first.

I think that was a good present! :)



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