Re: Anger in Midsummer

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2006 - 23:53:14 PDT

Don't have any opinion on this myself, not having seen
any evidence to the contrary. But a reliable film
historian I know claims to have rare photos showing
this little girl named Sheila in production-related
photos that prove in some way that she definitely
played the Prince and not Anger. Could be he's
reading too much into his evidence, could be he's
right. Haven't seen 'em, have no idea.

Kenneth has been known to mythologize his
autobiography quite a bit, and in his appearances I've
heard him tell stories with different conflicting
details on a few occasions, which is always part of
the fun too.

Then there's his birthdate. For a while now I've seen
it claimed as 1930, making him 17 when Fireworks was
made, but I feel I've heard more reliably that 1927 is
the real date, which anyway seems more likely,
considering the sailors in Fireworks are played by USC
Cinema students, and considering Curtis Harrington and
Gregory Markopoulos and Kenneth were apparently USC
buddies when Curtis made Fragment of Seeking in 1946,
the year before Fireworks.

Any thoughts?

Ewww, I feel all gossipy.

Mark T

--- Sam Wells <email suppressed> wrote:

> > I know of two pictures of Anger in MIDSUMMER - one
> is in the Bill
> > Landis bio ANGER, the other in HOLLYWOOD BABYLON
> II. I suppose that
> > there's no way of knowing for sure that the boy in
> the pic is
> > indeed Anger. But check the out and decide for
> yourself.
> Sure looks like him, I've no reason to doubt it.
> Anyway I've seen the film a few times too.
> I won't mention liking it as I'm not sure it's on
> the Frameworks
> Approved List ;-)
> (I could mention that Lang, Murnau, Ulmer,
> Preminger, Sirk & Siodmak
> were Max Rheinhardt pupils at one time............)
> -Sam
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> <email suppressed>.

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