Re: video performance artist at wikipedia

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2006 - 15:31:19 PDT

i think vjing is not video performance art in the same way that say ant farm was

esp. them going to the democratic national convention
some very gutsy artists film political uprisings
i think that is video performance art
- the (very known) thompson sq. riot video of the dude getting pummeled by a cop
while filming and hanging on a light pole -
the article could be very diverse - other subjects are - so...

alot of artists use projection on architecture
bill viola yes but also vito acconci to me is a video performance artist
(among other things)
gary hill is amazingly so
matt mullican's virtual art and other works
miranda july - both could b considered
also some performance artists utilize video/film - to me that could be included
chris burden - lauri anderson - ana mendieta - many others
michael snow is under "electronic art" as is lauri anderson
other people are considered "video artists" in wiki'
i have projected imagry onto bands others do this alot
it is mentioned in "video performance art" but noone is mentioned
anton corbijn is a 'famous' one
they mention the video toaster but miss eyecandy

some music videos are to me video performance art - spike jonze +
there could be a bridge to 'film performance'
- expanded cinema - (not mentioned at all)
but i do not think that crap like i saw at views is inclusive
- wooster group video of a play they did - that used video in the play
meaning just because something is documented on video
it does not mean it is "video performance art" - but others may differ
wiki' often has discoursive deviation
this is perty funny ('dispute')
not very up 2 date
plus anthology is mentioned but not linked to - lotsa missing stuff

i am not sure regionalism is the best dilineator but it is often used


On 8/9/06, Gary Berendsen <email suppressed> wrote:
> Seems very bland.
> I would like to make this a decent article.
> It mainly seems to be VJ's at the moment.
> How to split this,
> regions, style, countries, medium, size of audience?
> I would like to see more video performance in there as well.
> Would'nt bill viola and stellarc be listed in the same same place?
> Just want this good....
> I was thinking about doing the general description and then splitting by
> region.
> your thoughts
> gary
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