Re: Kenneth Anger restorations

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 11:43:32 PDT

I know that if someone gives you a horse for free then
you shouldn't start looking into its dental situation
but I'm very suprised that what would be the more
important works by Kenneth Anger, at least for me
personally, and also I think in terms of the influence
on lyrical film, are notably all missing!

Obviously the choice of Rabbits Moon is a must, as the
original film is 35mm anyway so it's a straightforward
decision, but for me the most important Anger fims
would be "Inauguration of the pleasure dome", "Lucifer
Rising" and "Invocation of my demon brother".
Strangely, it seems like these films have almost been
deliberately omitted, as I can't think of any other
widespread works that *have* been omited.

I'd love to see these films blown up to 35mm with
remastered soundtracks, perhaps even in stereo. For
some reason, the idea of Lucifer Rising in this
context seems especially exciting!

For me these 3 films are the core and most important
works by Kenneth Anger and I'm sad and suprised that
they have not been chosen for this restoration.

Or perhaps they have been but are considered so
important that extra time is being taken over them?

Anyway, I'm not meaning to moan, I just wondered why
all the most special Anger films aren't in this list.

It's obviously wonderful that these prints have been
made available, especially the 35mm print of rabbits
Moon which I have a feeling will look amazing, so
thankyou very much to all involved!



--- Mark Toscano <email suppressed> wrote:

> Howdy all -
> Ross Lipman asked me to forward this to Frameworks -
> mark t
> p.s. was at the show myself, and the prints look
> excellent
> *
> The UCLA Film & Television Archive announces the
> availability of newly restored works of Kenneth
> Anger
> in pristine 35mm prints. The restoration premiere
> occurred on Saturday, August 5, 2006, at the James
> Bridges Theater with Kenneth Anger in person
> interviewed by preservationist Ross Lipman.
> The evening included UCLA's new version of RABBIT'S
> MOON, reconstructed from the original 35mm camera
> negative, presenting the cinematography's original
> image orientation for the first time, and also the
> rare Anger voiceover prologue to FIREWORKS, shown at
> its full original release length.
> The newly restored 35mm prints of SCORPIO RISING,
> are
> available to cinematheques and festivals capable of
> archival quality 35mm film projection. For
> information on print bookings contact Todd Wiener of
> UCLA at (address suppressed) (The archive hopes to
> preserve more of Anger's films in the future,
> although
> no specific
> plans are in place yet.)
> Kenneth Anger is one of the giants of American
> underground and experimental filmmaking. His films
> draw on pop iconography, from commedia dell'arte to
> Hollywood and a wide variety of 20th century
> subcultures: the worlds of bikers, occultists, and
> queers. This iconography is presented in a variety
> of ways, from documentary footage to elaborate mise
> en
> scene to Eisensteinian montage, but always the
> result
> is an eruption of the primal into the modern. Music
> videos and queer cinema would not be what they are
> without his influence, which has also touched
> filmmakers from Martin Scorsese to Olivier Assayas.
> The Archive is proud to present new 35mm prints of
> four of Anger's most famous films.
> 1947 35mm, 15 min.
> Preservation funded by The Film Foundation
> 1971 35mm, 16 min.
> Preserved through the Avant-Garde Masters program
> funded by The Film
> Foundation and administered by the National Film
> Preservation Foundation
> 1963 35mm, 29 min.
> Preservation funded by The Film Foundation
> 1965 35mm, 3 min.
> Preservation funded by The Film Foundation
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