Re: Kenneth Anger restorations

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 12:37:34 PDT

--- Mark Toscano <email suppressed> wrote:

> Hi Freya -
> I don't think it was a question of omission, but a
> limitation of funding. I think Ross's idea was to
> hopefully continue the work on Kenneth's four other
> films next time round.

Ah! There is a 4th film I forgot! Hmmmm... *freya
sneaks off to imdb* Oh yes my memory returns! "Puce
Moment" and "Eaux d'artifice". Actually I remember
being quite keen on Puce Moment and I remember liking
Eaux d'artifice too, but can't remember the latter at
all which is wonderful, because it means I can watch
it again and have another fresh experience! Yay! I
guess that's Kenneths 5 other films then, other than
his more recent work.

Okay so it wasn't just my favourite films that were
ommitted. ;)

> As for what's important or not, priorities in
> preservation are often quite different than what a
> scholar, fan, or critic might say. And I'd have to
> say here that I think Scorpio Rising is probably
> Anger's most well-known and -seen film, so it's not
> a
> surprising choice (and in general, I think there
> would
> be a lot of disagreement on this list over what
> Anger's "important" films are. For instance,

Well all of them are important, I meant only to
suggest that some were more important than others. ;)

> personally, I don't as care much for Inauguration as
> I
> do Scorpio Rising.)

*gasp* Surely not! What is this thing for Scorpio
Rising? I do like it a lot but you know Inauguration
is one of the most special films ever. Honestly am I
alone in prefering Inauguration and Lucifer over

> As for Fireworks, with the original missing, it
> becomes more of a priority to track down the best
> possible sources as soon as possible to get the film
> restored before those sources might be unavailable
> or
> unuseable, etc.

That's true and the idea of the voiceover at the
beginning sounds like a lot of fun too! :)

I guess shorter films are probably cheaper to preserve
sometimes too.

Oh well, at least it gave me an opportunity to rant on
about some of my favourite experimental films! :)



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