Re: aspect ratio stuff (was Kenneth Anger restorations (from Ross L))

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 12:07:07 PDT

--- Mark Toscano <email suppressed> wrote:

> Sunrise, Four Sons, and other early Fox Movietone
> films were shot in Movietone aspect ratio, which was
> basically silent ratio with an optical track slapped
> over the side of it, changing it from 1.33:1 to
> something like 1.19:1. "M" and a number of European
> productions were also shot in this ratio.

So this ratio would be the same as filming with a
scope gate and flat lenses?

> ratio anymore (not having the lenses or plates), so
> they released it widely in a Scope version which
> matted and squeezed the 1.37 image on a 2.35 Scope
> frame, with black matting on the sides, so theatres

Surely this is slightly bonkers! Wouldn't it be better
to matte it to a 1:1.85 frame as that is closer in
aspect ratio?

Interestingly, this would suggest that Nickys idea
might be too difficult to make work in practice. :(
Otherwise surely they would just matte it onto a scope
apeture with extra black and project through flat
lenses themselves? Then again maybe they thought the
configuration would be too wierd for the average
multiplex to cope with.

> Wizard of Oz, for its 60th anniversary the same
> year,
> matted a 1.37 image on a 1.85 frame, another

You see this seems more sane, I mean the aspect ratio
choices, not re-releasing the wizard of oz, which is
obviously a bad idea.

As an aside, this is what is wrong with the world,
they go to all this trouble to re-release the wizard
of oz which we have all seen, probably countless
times, even if not by choice, and yet they are not
making multiple prints of Lucifer Rising for
widespread release.

> Anyway, it's kind of amusing to discuss Wizard of Oz
> and Gone With the Wind on Frameworks.

Mark, I think you have a sick sense of humour.

No offense or anything. ;)



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