Re: Kenneth Anger restorations

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 13:50:36 PDT

Maybe it was the influence of "A midsummer nights
dream" which Kenneth allegedly starred in rather than
the oz film that was an influence?

Actually I can't entirely see that much of Oz in
pleasure dome, but theres definitely the influence of
other mainstream Hollywood movies in there. Rabbits
Moon seems more like it could be influenced by the
wizard of oz, but Inauguration seems to have been more
influenced by whatever things were influencing the
likes of Puce Moment. Oz and Rabbits Moon are all sets
and in your face artifice whereas Inauguration has
gone quite far away from that and is more of a film
shot on location, even if that is probably a calfully
designed location.

To be fair to the oz film I really like the painted
sets, and I like the storyline and various aspects.
It's mostly the acting and some of the more musical
aspects of the film which are a horrible. Also where I
live, this film was traditionally shown, over, and
over, and over, and over again on the television.

Anyway, I can basically easily imagine Inauguration
without the wizard of oz. I honestly can't connect the
two in my mind very much at all.

I guess I must be seeing the film a different way to



--- Sam Wells <email suppressed> wrote:

> Freya, I can't even imagine Pleasure Dome W/O The
> Wizard Of Oz as
> precedent.
> IMO.
> -Sam
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