Re: netflix royalties

From: Joel S. Bachar (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 08:05:46 PDT

Joel S. Bachar
Microcinema Int'l/Microcinema DVD
1636 Bush Street, #2, San Francisco, CA 94109
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Of course Netflix does NOT pay royalties to filmmakers. No video rental
store pays royalties. This isn't the music business. Netflix is a wholesale
buyer of titles just like anyone else. As far as exclusivity goes - not sure
what deal you are being offered by them but you shouldn't be signing an
exclusive deal with them unless its for a window of exclusivity before being
widely available elsewhere. We sell all the titles we distribute to Netflix
- they pay on time and are a great company.

Joel Bachar
Microcinema International DVD

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