Re: What happens when you paint the negative?

From: ben d (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 04 2006 - 03:31:50 PDT

posting to an old thread with advice from Richard Reeves.

Hi Ben
interesting question here,
yes it is possible to get orange film stock (colour neg base)
it has no framelines (35mm) on it.
if it is printed as is, it comes out black.
i use this film for painting direct handmade negatives.
all the colours are reversed, but any areas left natural ‘orange’ of the
film base, they become black and the other colours look extra bright against
a black background, compared with a clear background.
so if you paint nothing on the orange film it comes out black.
If you scratch some orange off the film, and print that,
the scratches become even a darker black.
if you draw with black ink it comes out white (clear).
If you paint orange ink on the orange mask it comes out blue.
The variations of blue depend on the thickness of the ink (in nano
red / orange / yellow produce various blues and greens
blue/ green / purple produce yellows and oranges.
hard to get a good red with inks.
Not sure for contact printing if you even need a filter, just the positive
stock should do, the colour channels are for the print.
ok, hope this helps a bit.

wishing you a bright and animated day !
shine on !!

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