for sale

From: jason livingston (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 06:58:41 PDT

Hi all

I'm unloading a few film items, and thought best to post to Frameworks
before going the eBay way.

Canon Super 8 film camera. This is a nice item. Canon 7.5 - 60mm zoom.
Sharp optics, super clean lens. Opens up to f/1.4. Takes 4 AA batteries.
12, 18, 24fps. Can be used for single framing if you get the right cable.
Manual and auto exposure options. Manual and electric zoom. Viewfinder
system can be closed (much like a Bolex). Beautiful camera, fully
functional. Comes with original carrying case. $100 OBO plus some
reasonable shipping expenses.

Maier-Hancock 16mm hot splicer. In good working order. Clean. $50 and

Cosmicar/Pentax set of extension tubes. For c-mount Bolex. 40mm, 20mm,
10mm, 5mm and one teeny-tiny one. Original box included.

Collection of educational and science films (sometimes called 'found
footage') -- all 16mm. Varying degrees of quality/condition, but nothing
has really gone south. About 30 films, mostly about nature, children and
the weather. Some about language. These are obviously very heavy. The
shipping expenses might add up here... if anyone is in upstate NY and wants
to pick up, I'll sell for cheap, like $75?

Probably some more items, too. Summer cleaning.

Jason L
Ithaca, NY

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