festival program update / final day for submission / tour show

From: TIE (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 15:24:58 PDT

Hi Frameworkers,
Forgot to send TIE's e-update last month to the Frameworks list. So here it is.

Below you will find information regarding the The International Experimental Cinema Exposition's 5-Day Festival (October 11-15, 2006), a new (and final) deadline for film submissions, upcoming calendar of events and other news.

TIE, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition
Thorsten Fleisch, member of TIE's Board of Artistic Directors, has a created a stunning new program entitled "Super-8 Films of a Violent Nature", plus a new expanded cinema piece for the TIE 5-Day Festival, October 11-15, 2006. Details at a later date.

**************New (Final) Submission Deadline**************
TIE has received requests to extend the submission deadline from several cherished filmmakers that are currently putting forth the finishing touches on their prints. We would like to extend this opportunity to all filmmakers to submit their work by the new and FINAL deadline of September 1, 2006. The submission package must actually be received by the film entry committee by September 1.

Cick http://www.experimentalcinema.com/subform.htm to fill-in & print-out submission form.

*****Films from any era or date of completion are considered.*****

Upcoming TIE Tour Shows:
September 17, 2006 - University of Colorado at Boulder, International Film Series at the Atlas Theatre: Part-I of a new collection of 35mm films curated from the upcoming 5-day Festival in October. Details Coming Soon.

September 18, 2006 - University of Colorado at Boulder, First Person Cinema: Part-II of a new collection of 16mm films curated from the upcoming 5-day Festival in October. Details Coming Soon.

September 21, 2006 - University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Ross Media Arts Center: A collection of 35mm and 16mm highlights from the past 6-years of TIE exhibitions. Films from the 2006 Festival in October will also be included.

TIE, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition (October 11-15, 2006)
Pablo Marin is a filmmaker and critic living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His new 35mm film, "Blocking" (left), will be making its world premier at TIE in October.

"Made strictly by opposing AMIA's "Disaster Recovery for Films in Flooded Areas" this film was kept under water until its emulsion started to melt, then removed, tightened up and finally dried directly by the sun. The result is what you see, a film trailer, reborn from its very same ashes, in which the few small portions of "images" that remain are overcome by the freed, colorful chemicals. "Blocking" is, thus, an homage to all the footage lost by the unpredictable dangers of nature and, at the same time, a true song to the beauty in destruction."
VIP Pass
TIE is offering a limited number of VIP Passes for "The International Experimental Cinema Exposition - 2006", October 11-15. In addition to admission to every film screening (over 70 films from across the globe) and Q&A session, the VIP Pass offers exclusive access to all round-table discussions and private soirees.

As always, each filmmaker and curator that has a film or program in the TIE-2006 selection receives a complimentary VIP Pass.

If you are an outside programmer, curator, archivist, other filmmaker or just simply an experimental film lover, we encourage you or your organization to purchase the VIP Pass. Passes will be made availible for prurchase online in a few weeks. Or to order via mail at a discounted rate, you may request an order form by e-mailing Nick at (address suppressed)
 The most effective way to preserve film is to show it. We hope to see you at The International Experimental Cinema Exposition.

--The Team at TIE

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