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Subject: CFP: Excesses and Extremes in Film and Video
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all for Proposals/abstracts: Excesses and Extremes in
Film and Video

Pleasure Dome, Toronto's experimental and alternative
film and video exhibition collective would like to
invite submissions for its next publication titled,
Excesses and Extremes in Film and Video.

In this book, which sets out to examine excesses and
extremities, and thereby also liminality, we invite
submissions on a range of explorations that consider
creative excrescence and the immoderate in film, video
and expanded cinema.

This collection forays into creative impulses that are
extremist in kind, and also considers the liminal
spaces in which such experimentations in art and
thought move. Essays will take as their point of
departure an exploration of this overarching theme of
excess and the "irrational" through which images in
film and video stretch tensile, convulsing to their
edges, producing a shock to thought and topographies
of foreignness.

Experimentations in film need the movements of images,
sounds, words, rhythms and anti-rhythms through which
the film courses, and through which the forces within
the film itself can be sensed. In what ways do we
encounter the excesses and extremes in films that
pulverize our ordering of the senses? And,
consequentially, how can we come to characterize such
intensities in sound and images, of forces from the
depths in order to render ephemera in the language of
words, in the construction of critique and in the
crystallizing impulses of philosophy?

What is production of the extreme in film, video or
expanded cinema? In which way(s) does the extreme act
upon our senses by disrupting, interrupting or
agitating? Or, conversely, how does the extreme
present a bodily intemperance in how moving images
come to be experienced?

Submissions of such explorations may include a range
of forms such as critical essays, cartoons/comics,
visual compositions, story-boards or film treatments.
Explorations might consider, but are not limited to
some of the following suggestions:

• What are art's becomings in their terrorizing

• Can the intemperate of art dissemble the senses?
What is created and lost in the body through such
forces and affects?

• How do intensities become extreme?

• Can we accept in art what we condemn as destructive
such as the annihilative passions of violence and
greed? For instance, can the extremes of making art,
which sometimes indulges in animal cruelty, defilement
of corpses or sexual sadism elicit more than shock?
Can such destructive impulses produce lines of flight
from the constant colonization of consumer capitalism?
 When sadistic desire and unbridled cruelty are
transposed to an artistic medium, can what is
dangerously antisocial, hateful and intolerant become
an expression of pure joy?

• What kind of release whether by virtue of
addictions, obsessions or psychosis is productive in
the land of excess?

• Do rebellious/radical impulses in art recuperate
what are dangerous and toxic waste products?

• Can the ephemera and esoteria of the occult, such as
becoming minor through the dark chthonic impulses
found in becoming-witch, satanic or alien
deterritorialize art for a post-capitalist becoming?

• Recycling abandoned detritus of mass media

• In facilitating the shock of trauma, can extreme art
produce an imbalance of forces releasing trapped
energy, in what could be considered a paradox of

Please send your submissions to:
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Firoza Elavia
Experimental filmmaker and
Ph.D. Candidate in Film and New Media Studies

Linda Feesey
Filmmaker, programmer and reviewer

Deadline for proposals: September 30/2006
Length: 500-800 words

Pleasure Dome is a film and video exhibition
collective dedicated to the presentation of
experimental film and video by artists. Programming
since 1989 Pleasure Dome is committed to exhibiting
local, national and international work which features
shorter length and small format work, as well as
non-traditional work that mixes film and video with
other media such as performance and installation. We
organize approximately 20 events per year into a fall/
winter/summer schedule. Pleasure Dome also publishes
critical texts and catalogues on film/video artists
and their work including the recent catalogue on
Barbara Sternberg Like a dream that vanishes and the
anthology Lux: A Decade of Artist's Film and Video.

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