Refracted Lens | all-women's videos TONIGHT at the Pioneer, NYC

From: Kelly Shindler (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 05:11:48 PDT

Refracted Lens: A Womanıs Eye View of Music
July 25, 2006
The Pioneer Theater, 155 East 3rd Street at Ave A
7pm, $9 - free beer, pizza, and BUST magazines!
A woman making music is a beautiful thing, but women making music videos are
all too rare. In light of the industryıs overwhelming male status,
celebrating the accomplishments of women in the field becomes even more
urgent. Refracted Lens turns the spotlight on the women behind the camera,
often in collaboration with their colleagues ­ or themselves - squarely in
front of it.

The program features music videos by women working all over the map and
across a variety of genres, including: Sadie Benning for ubiquitous feminist
rocker Kathleen Hannaıs solo project, Julie Ruin; Gina Birch, filmmaker and
bassist of the seminal post-punk band The Raincoats; Birgit Rathsmann (with
Bruce Alcock) for Dutch solo female artist Solex; Julia Feyrer (Canada) for
Canuck indie rockers They Shoot Horses Donıt They; Rosa Barba (Germany/NL),
for experimental electronic artists Mouse on Mars and Microstoria; Valerie
Toumayan (France) for the all-female Vancouver quintet The Organ; Meredith
Danluck (US) for the unclassifiable Japanese electronic artist Mu; and
performance/video artists Angie Reed (Germany) and Planningtorock
Capping off the lineup is Deborah Schamoniıs (Germany) 2005 short film,
³Visitors,² featuring art-rockers extraordinaire and role models for record
label-owning aspirants everywhere, Chicks on Speed, reimagined as aliens
exploring New York City.
Refracted Lens is by no means an exhaustive survey of women music video
makers, but itıs an earnest attempt to capture some of the magic that
happens when a woman and her camera meet some of the most exciting music

Brought to you by CineWomen NY.

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