Re: camcorders

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2006 - 11:01:25 PDT

> I have also been tempted by the little Sony HDV, but I still
> prefer DV to HDV. maybe I'm overly sensitive to artifacts, but I
> shudder to think about the further blocking and such that will
> happen once it's transcoded, edited, then recompressed to even HD-
> DVD, let alone a standard def DVD. Resolution isn't everything.
> But my hatred of mpeg2 in any form borders on the irrational.

  Worked on - and shot a little of - an IMX format "film" when it
first came out - 30 hours of raw footage no temporal artifacts worth
talking about.

A friend with the HDV A-1U devised a fiendishly clever test to fool
the encoder etc - shooting the sun through screen window - with an
electric fan in front of the screen ... yes he did manage to throw
the encoder into a tizzy, but he had to work a bit to do it ;-)

Strictly, I might agree with you - as far as HDV is concerned - but,
in perspective - you get an HD camcorder for *somewhat* less than $
65,000, $ 100,000 --

And for that matter I think bigger bro Z-1 makes a better picture
than any mini DV camcorder I've seen....

Blocky shadows, well that's 4:1:1 when you fuck with it, that's
fragile in any format.....


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