Help in New Jersey ASAP!! for a film show.

From: Douglas Katelus (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jul 22 2006 - 17:54:25 PDT

dear list,

The reasons are long and uneccesary at the moment, but I am visiting NJ from
San Francisco and have two wonderful reels of experimental film. Also in my
possestion is a good working projector and screen. But NO TAKE UP REEL.
Back to the first sentance the reasons are crazy and this email is a tragic
last moment attempt to save the show happening SUNDAY.

I need a take up reel (at least a 1200') for tommrow sunday night for and
outdoor film screening.

Sunday is the only day I need it and if someone on this list could loan me
one, within the Asbury Park area would be best. I can have it back to them
on Monday along with tremendus gratitude.

Again a simple request of a take up reel to borrow in NJ.

And one last thing, I do not have regular internet access, so please call me
at 732 233-5657 and I'm borowing this phone but feel free to leave a
message. Would gladly pick it up ASAP. Thanks.


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