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From: Ken deGruchy (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 11:44:01 PDT

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From: "jennifer fieber" (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 10:38:25 PDT
Subject: Have Auricon Knowedge? [Google correctly asks if I want to search
to correct spelling of Knowledge}

I have this Auricon set up and have never been able to record sound with
> it
> because the batteries that power the amplifier are no longer made. (Why
> it
> uses batteries when the camera itself has to be plugged in, is lost on
> me...) I would like to find some way of converting it so I can actually
> use
> it as a sound-on-film camera.
> So my questions are:
> 1) Does anyone here have knowledge how to convert the amplifier so it can
> be
> plugged in or use a different battery pack?
> 2) Or, is there some other modern device I should be using instead to get
> the sound signal to the camera?
> 3) ANd can you still get exciter lamps for these cameras and what is the
> model number for the bulb?
> I am pretty handy ( though not when it comes to electronics), so I would
> like to avoid paying someone to do this conversion. But failing that, can
> anyone recommend someone who would know how to do this and would actually
> return the camera in a timely manner?
> I'm near NYC, or I could take it to San Francisco next time I visit Mom.
> Thanks,
> Jennifer Fieber

Relative the above post I copied from the archive:

I just joined the list to be able to put my two cents in regarding the
interesting questions posed by Jennifer. There were several follow ups to
this original inquiry from Jennifer but none of them fully and accurately
address Jennifer's questions. If there is still any interest in this thread
I would be most happy to share my experiences given the fact I was
personally knowledgeable of John A. Maurer, Jr. and Walter Bach and Eric M.
Berndt, all now sadly deceased. I did my undergraduate thesis at Seton
Hall U. on the topic of Photographic Sound Recording A.K.A. Optical Sound
Recording and Mr. John A. Maurer graciously spent much time with me for
interviews concerning his important contributions to the 16mm Sound On Film
field. Back in the 1930s both Maurer and Eric M. Berndt founded the
Berndt-Maurer company who produced the first and in many ways the very best
16mm sound on film cameras. These two men employed a young draftsman named
Walter Bach. Due to differences Maurer and Berndt parted ways and Walter
went with Eric out to the west coast to develop their unique line of 16mm
sound on film cameras. I have been a collector of these cameras for years
and I have used them very successfully in the single system sound mode with
Photographic sound as the recording medium. They can still be used today
but it is an expensive hobby. The amplifiers used batteries that are not so
readily available today and even if you can get them the cost is very high
and they do not last that long. If anyone is still interested in the rather
esoteric topic of using an Auricon camera the way it was actually supposed
to be used then ask away and I will do my best having loved these cameras
before I could even afford to buy the film and the processing to utilize

Ken deGruchy

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