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Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 09:57:42 PDT

A while ago I read a post by Julie Buck (I believe on AMIA) asking about
the films of Ed Pincus (Diaries, Elements). Now I realize Andy this
doesn't fit your criteria of more recent work...but your question prompted
the memory of Julie's question, so I thought to ask the list where one
might track down films by Ed Pincus. I believe MoMA has some work, but I
was curious about other sources or contact info for Pincus.

Another thought, and again this is older work (though outside the canon),
is Lenny Lipton's films. Ralph Arlyck's recent film Following Sean had
some excerpts from Lipton's (hippie) diaries. Another suggestion...not so
much a "diary" film though resembling Wieland's A & B in Ontario
(made with Hollis Frampton). This films if a favorite of mine.


> Dear Frameworkers,
> I'm planning a four-part series of films to take place this October at
> Eyedrum here in Atlanta. The series is based on the idea of home movies,
> diary films, travel films, and their relation to experimental
> filmmaking.
> The plan is to introduce to a largely general audience an aesthetic of
> direct, "personal" cinema exemplified by such filmmakers as Marie
> Menken, Jonas Mekas, and Warren Sonbert (and many others) and often
> characterized by handheld camerawork, modest economic circumstances,
> subjectivity, daily life, and some proximity to the history or aesthetic
> of what we know as avant-garde or experimental filmmaking. I've found
> many examples in the avant-garde 'canon' but am hoping to also include
> more contemporary works (1980s to present).
> If there are any filmmakers on the list whose work fits in with this
> idea, or if anyone has suggestions of others' recent works, I'd love to
> hear about it. My focus is more on filmmakers using their own footage
> for films, as opposed to using found footage of home movies, but I am
> open to this latter idea as well.
> The series is being curated for a citywide photography festival and is a
> follow-up to last year's series on the use of light in artists' films.
> That series attracted several hundred spectators, so happily there seems
> to be increasing interest in experimental film presentation here in
> Atlanta.
> Thanks for reading and for any suggestions.
> Yours in Film Love,
> Andy Ditzler
> Atlanta, GA

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