Re: FRAMEWORKS Digest - 20 Jul 2006 to 21 Jul 2006 - Special issue (#2006-75)

From: Jeffrey Scher (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 13:00:03 PDT

I'm a big A-1 fan. I love this lab and have been using it since the
70's when Warren Sonbert introduced me to it. The black and white 16
developing is great. I have developed a lot of the "new" ektachrome
100d as well. It looks amazing in the VNF bath. I'm not sure if
Freddy has switched over to the new bath for color yet... I often run
sound recording film (Agfa st-8) through the reversal bath and it
looks amazing. I also recently ran some Super X through the reversal
bath - film that was "best developed before June 1955 " and got some
swell ghostly images in a swirl of grey on grey grain. I develop my
dwindling stock of 4-x there as well as the odd roll of "surveillance
film". A pile of my films were developed and printed there. Printing
is a little hit and miss as Freddy times by eye and must adjust
lights by hand while the prints are running... My film "Grand
Central" was printed onto Agfa St-8 by A-1. The thing to do is have
them run short tests and then pick your lights that way. Anthony
McCall recently did his new film at A-1 and was quite pleased as I
recall. The price is right and they are honest and dependable. They
do a good job on developing hi-con as reversal as well. Super 8
reversal looks good there, but the telecine's are not super high end.
Good enough to look at, or for quick down and dirty. Also, student
rates are extended to teachers and cash discounts are also a plus.
They are good with mail order. They swap work with Lab-link. So if
you send them neg., that's where it goes, and same swap if you send
reversal to Lab Link.

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