Re: home movies and experimental film

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2006 - 22:17:10 PDT

Hey Andy,

Unless your not asking for emails or other contact info, I'm surprised
your not simply asking for this seems appropriate
to Frameworks and the community of folks who subscribe to this list.

I would encourage folks to post responses to the list...


> Thanks to all who have responded so generously to my query on home movies
> and diary films. I would like to ask an additional favor of you.
> This morning my computer had a hard drive crash, and it seems that I've
> lost emails from the last two days. (Bad timing!) Would those of you who
> responded consider resending your responses to me offlist? It would be
> much appreciated. email suppressed
> If you have written me about films and haven't received a response, I
> apologize - please email me again and I'll be in touch.
> Lastly, does anyone have Alan Berliner's email address?
> Thanks,
> Andy Ditzler
> Atlanta, GA

Alain LeTourneau
Pamela Minty
425 SE 3rd, #400
Portland, OR 97214
United States

+1 503 231 6548
Skype ID: frames40
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