Re: What happens when you paint the negative?

From: Adrian Tagmenveca (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2006 - 09:03:39 PDT

Thank you very much - this is perfect.

amanda christie <email suppressed> wrote:
  forget what you learned about primary colors of
painting (red, yellow, and blue) because the primary
colors of light are different (red, green, blue).

remember the primary colour and their opposites:
(also known as additive and subtractive primaries)

red = cyan
green = magenta
blue = yellow

those are the basic rules.

so if you paint blue on the negative, it will be
yellow on the positive.
if you paint yellow on the negative, it will be blue
on the positive.

a quick internet search on "additive primaries" and
"subtractive primaries" should yeild a few color
wheels for you.

let me know if you have any further questions. i just
finished a color separation film shot on black and
white and printed to color through filters, so i've
got color theory coming out my ass right now.

amanda dawn christie
vancouver bc

--- Adrian Tagmenveca wrote:

> Most folks paint the film and use that as the
> positive image, right? What happens if you paint
> clear leader and intercut that with photographic
> negative? Is there a color wheel or list of sorts
> that would guide me on what painted colors would
> produce what positive images?
> Thanks!
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