cool new filmmaking duo

From: Steven Knapp (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2006 - 16:55:51 PDT

Hey There-

Has there been much discussion around here about Candy
Eye Factory?

They are a duo of experimental filmmakers in
Minneapolis. I saw one of their pieces about female
terrorists at the MIX fest in NY and looked them up.

Their work is always different, something new. Risky
but not boring. They remind me of The White Stripes,
one boy and one girl, but instead of making music,
they make movies, and instead of loving red and white,
they love gray and pink.

They play around a lot with compositing
images/imagery, and using lots of text and graphics to
supplement the meaning of their movies. Even the way
they tell simple stories is always challenging and
chopped up and experimental. They put out a DVD a few
years ago which I love. Not all of their movies are on
it though so I am hoping they put out a new volume.

Check them out. Female filmmakers/viewer might
appreciate them especially since their work primarily
focuses on female characters and sorta a fashiony,
stylisly art directed approach.


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