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From: victoria waghorn (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2006 - 15:50:20 PDT

hey charles

just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for the DVDs which arrived in the
mail this week.

i haven't had a chance to look at them yet as i've been tied up with the
latest film i've been working on which premiered this week at the academy
theatre in sydney: "la mÍme nuit". not super 8 unfortunately but shot on
super 16 on kodak 500T. we won best audience film award at the sydney film
school graduation screening (the director, gracie otto was graduating with
her advanced diploma and most of us crew are alumni) so we're happy to have
had such a positive response from a great critical test audience. hoping to
go onto better things :)

my team also shot a music video a couple of months back which fused both
super 8 (shot on beaulieu 4008) and HD. it was signed off last week and we
are fairly happy with it. we'll be cross-promoting it with the slacker film
i shot late last year which also featured the same band "modular lounge" and
was shot on both super 8 and super 12 cut entirely on steenbecks. hopefully
someone will like it...

next on the agenda is the punk monk propaganda website development between
films after designing the DVD cover for la mÍme nuit and i will endeaver to
get a showreel happening online to coincide with our indie warehouse/studio
opening in september/october 2006.

i can send you something (if you're interested) once i'm on track. early
days here yet - i hope one day to be worthy of the the calibre of skill,
vision and expertise of my fellow frameworkers :)



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