Re: 16mm film in the Hollywood industry

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Date: Wed Jul 12 2006 - 20:19:52 PDT

Anna Biller wrote :
> Not mystified that it should persist, just that it should
> increase...and mainly interested in what the camera assistant had to
> say-- that there's a return to 16mm within the industry.

Shooting standard 16mm has continued to become specialized as well as all
the tools that support the format. Super 16 shooting has seen all the
growth in the US market.

Traditional processes are on the decline or holding steady. So while Kodak
and Fuji make new stocks, Aaton and Arri make new cameras, and while Canon
has manufactured several new super 16 zooms, traditional processes for
standard 16mm film finishing (opticals, and other back end lab processes)
continue to decline or hold steady.

On another note...

Wiseman recently finished shooting a film about the Idaho State (Citizen)
Legislature in which his photographer, John Davey, shot some 140 hours
(read: over 300,000 feet) of 7218 for the project. Wiseman is, of course,
an extreme example, but there are a number of productions out there
continuing to shoot a great deal of 16mm (mainly, super 16 and in color).


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