Directors Lounge: A Summer Evening with Kim Collmer

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2006 - 15:52:21 PDT

  º°¨¨°º Directors Lounge presents: º°¨¨°º

July 13th 10pm
A Summer Evening with Kim Collmer at the Rote Loge

Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (via Revalerstrasse)
S- and U Warschauer Brücke

Please note:
Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to
switch to a new location. The Rote Loge
Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (next to Revalerstrasse)
will be our new host. A charming venue dedicated
to the cinematic arts.

See you there at our next screening:

Kim Collmer - Forming Motion
Forming Motion is a night of animation shorts
collected from around the world. For this series,
animation is depicted as both a connector of
images, and as a reminder of the artificiality
and tedious nature of its construction. Many
artists in this program create a tension between
the flow and the construct. Within their work
there is a focus on texture, line, movement,
light and rhythm and film's ability to contain
life and energy. Based on the screening at Inner
Spaces Gallery Poznan.

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in cooperation with Rote Loge and Z Bar

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