Re: Kodachrome - s8 processing extended, and a question about prepaid processing

From: Mark R Hancock (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jul 09 2006 - 09:12:33 PDT

Thanks for this info. I have a question about Super* processing. I've a cartridge that I bought and have exposed, but
in the antime, the prepaid envelope that came with it has been lost. I did write to Kodak using the online form asking
what options there were, but received no response. Does nayone on the list have any suggestions? I guess if it comes
to it, I'd send it off and pay again for the processing, but surely the cartridge has a serial number that refers to some
prepaid package and if I own it, then I must have paid for it (processing)?

thanks for any help forthcoming,


Mark R Hancock

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 Subject: Kodachrome - s8 processing extended, 16mm discontinued
 Sent: 08 Jul '06 04:28
 All quiet on the Frameworks front. People pooped by
 ROCHESTER, NY, June 30 -- Eastman Kodak Company
 announced today that it will consolidate the
 processing of Kodachrome film for North America and
 Europe at a Kodak-certified third party facility in
 the United States. Effective September 30, 2006, Kodak
 will discontinue all Kodachrome processing activities
 at its photo processing lab in Renens, Switzerland due
 to low volumes.
 Kodachrome Super 8 film must be received by Kodak's
 lab in Renens, Switzerland by September 25, 2006 in
 order for that film to obtain Kodak- certified
 processing. No Kodak-certified processing for Super 8
 film will be available after that date. This extends
 the previously announced final processing date by
 approximately two months, in order to give customers
 adequate time to process their Super 8 images through
 Kodak's certified facility.
 For 16mm customers who have paid for processing within
 the purchase price of their Kodachrome film, Kodak
 will continue to offer processing by shipping orders
 to Dwayne's Photo of Parsons, Kansas. This will be at
 no additional cost to the customer through December
 31, 2006. After that date, Kodachrome 16mm film
 processing costs, as well as the responsibility for
 shipping that product to Dwayne's, must be borne by
 the customer.
 More detail on the processing of Kodak's Kodachrome
 35mm slide film can be found under a separate press
 release specific to that marketplace.
 Kodak also announced that manufacture of Kodachrome
 16mm film (cat #1402494) has been discontinued. Final
 sales of this product -- sold predominantly in North
 America -- will be based on product availability over
 the coming months. Sales of the European-based
 Kodachrome 16mm film with processing costs included
 (cat #5053327) were discontinued earlier this year.
 Kodak exited Kodachrome Super 8 in May of 2005.
 According to Kim Snyder, general manager and vice
 president for Image Capture products, Entertainment
 Imaging at Eastman Kodak Company, "The rationale to
 discontinue the manufacture, sale and processing of
 these motion picture product lines was entirely driven
 by marketplace dynamics. Sales of Kodachrome motion
 picture film have declined significantly over the past
 few years. However, Kodak remains committed to its
 motion picture film portfolio, and to providing its
 customers a range of products and creative choices."
 Kodak now offers the new KODAK EKTACHROME Film 64T
 (film code 7280) in Super 8 format, as well as KODAK
 EKTACHROME 100D as an alternative for its Kodachrome
 16mm users. This 100-speed color reversal motion
 picture film (film code 7285) is designed for
 daylight, and also delivers very saturated color, a
 neutral gray scale and accurate skin tones. Both films
 require E6 processing.
 John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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