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From: k. a.r. (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2006 - 23:29:55 PDT

The difference I have with you, Sam, is that I don't
particularly think it is
helpful to insist that filmmakers think of film vs digital as
different categories of form. To my mind, they're simply
different media,
both intended for similar purposes. Yes, they have different
properties but
that's about it. I suppose it's the same complaint I had
earlier --- I know
plenty of people making interesting work on DV and now HDV, for
cost and
other reasons, and they are in fact inspired to great extent by
the history
of experimental film. To have them told, no you're not doing
film, you're doing something so different that we don't even
want to talk to
you about it --- that's just depressing to me. The division
between the
generations and the communities I think is utterly pointless.

To my mind, an artist should choose their medium depending on
their artistic
needs and budget, and I think digital media, especially HD, is a
valid way to express moving visual ideas.

For this list to adopt a usage that is contrary to common usage
I think only
serves to further separate and isolate the communities when I
think what
needs to happen is more cross-fertilization and learning across


On Monday 03 July 2006 11:15, Sam Wells wrote:
>Oh geez Mitsu - "variance with common usage" is why we're
here ;-)
>And really, I know plenty of professionals (of which I am one,
on and
>off) who do have real issues over sandpapering these terms...
>Not only that, but - read the "Technology" sections of major
>newspapers, other press - and there os a miasma of
>regarding the materials and practices of cinema on all levels.
>understand why this happens, but is it a good thing ?
>If I had time I could give you dozens of links..
>I meet people, intelligent culturally aware people on a
regular basis
>who say things like "I didn't know they still made 16mm film"
>truth, 'they' will make more of it in 2006 than any year in
>etc etc

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