Re: 50.8

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 03 2006 - 06:23:01 PDT

> I do remember that 200 Motels, shown in theaters in 35mm, had the
> most amazing colors I had ever seen on film, especially the reds.
> And no, that isn't because of personal chemical augmentation.

An important disclaimer in reference to a film ("film") of the
period ;-)

Videogeek dept: Note when Sony went digital recording with D1 & D2
video formats, their 3/4" format tape machines for it were billed as
"19mm" to avoid previous connotations....

> I was enthusiastic about the format at the time, and expected to
> see more features made on video tape, and shown in theaters. It
> didn't happen, then.

FWIW I always liked the look of Emshwiller's kinescopes better than
either his straight films or his video work shown as video.....
something unique about those particular hybrids....

-Sam "where's the missing .05 ?" Wells

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