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From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jul 02 2006 - 18:05:51 PDT

Well, Mitsu is right, in that the general public equates "movie," with
"film," and, I would add, "video" with TV. The google numbers cited
show that "movie" is much the preferred term. It is my experience that
in any field, people who work in that field use terms much more
precisely than do laymen. That is proper, and to be expected. This
dichotomy does seem to be a large factor in this discussion.

For the record, I think even standard 8mm film is film. Even if it
would look like crap, next to a good HD video.

Ken Bawcom

Quoting john porter <email suppressed>:

> --- Ken Bawcom <email suppressed> wrote:
>> For purposes of discussion it is therefore more
> accurate,
>> and easier, to use the word "movie" as the general
> term,
>> and the word "film" when we really mean film, rather
> than
>> have to say something like 'a film shot on real
> film, not video.'
> Yes. Regardless of lay usage, for purposes of
> discussion HERE, we need a term referring to works
> shown by passing light through a strip of clear
> acetate. Sadly, it may end up being "real film". For
> decades now I've had to endure hearing people
> (including "avant-garde" filmmakers) refer to super 8
> films as "not real film"!
> Mitsu seems to accept Google is all-knowing, the last
> word for everyone. But obviously, on Frameworks we
> need this debate. Mitsu is the one saying "It's a
> fact. No discussion." (to paraphrase).
> John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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