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From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jul 02 2006 - 15:26:24 PDT

Quoting Cari Machet <email suppressed>:

> On 7/1/06, Ken Bawcom <email suppressed> wrote:
>> Quoting Cari Machet <email suppressed>:
>> > i wonder if any festivals let viewers vote?
>> >> > (way too democratic i bet)
>> >> >

This seems clear to me that you are saying that festivals don't want to
do anything "too democratic," which sounds like a slur to me, so I
think it is you who needs to "back up ur criticisms... ...with some
meat." The only festival of which I have an intimate knowledge of the
selection, and jurying, processes, is very democratic in the way the
screening committee picks the work to be exhibited. The Awards Jury's
deliberations are private, but the three judges have equal power, so I
can only assume that they are democratic as well. Unless you can insure
an audience of people knowledgeable about experimental film, having all
or most of the awards selected by a vote of the audience would not
result in awards to the best pieces. If you have any ideas about the
selection process, and how it should be run, I'd be interested to hear
them. I am always doing what I can to improve it.

I doubt that anything has "reached the pinnacle of what is possible,"
and that includes film festivals. But, I think most do the best they
can, with the resources they have.

>> >>
>> >> Some festivals do have an audience's choice award, so yes, some do.
>> >>
>> >
>> > i meant fully
>> > the entire award process as democratic
>> > like the peoples choice awards
>> > but then would it matter
>> > if all the voters were androids of the white male identity?
>> > hmnn maybe it would open them up in some way of thinking for themselves
>> > that it is possible - that it is desirable to do so
>> > that 'authorities' were not utilized -
>> > 'for once' a more open system was
>> Rather than "androids of the white male identity," I would characterize
>> a general audience as being hypnotized by the formulae of TV and
>> Hollywood. Of course there IS something of a white male influence in
>> that. If the awards were bestowed by a vote of the audience, the awards
>> would reflect that. The best and most innovative experimental work
>> would rarely, if ever, be awarded.
>> Although I doubt that you meant it quite that way, implying that
>> letting the audience bestow the awards is "way to democratic" for a
>> festival to be willing to do, reminds me of some of the perverse and
>> contorted logic that comes from the current US administration when they
>> imply that anyone who opposes them hates freedom. Experimental film
>> festivals are a strong exercise in freedom.
> just because exp. festivals "are a strong exercise in freedom"
> it doesn't mean that they have reached the pinnacle of what is possible
> let alone desirable
> writing that my "logic" is reminiscent of contorted and perverse logic
> doesn't make that reality
> protectionism/defensiveness can thwart growth
> and to compare my thinking to that of the current or any government is well
> basically not paying attention on ur part
> not to mention just loaded deflatable rhetoric
> ( 'spostsa mean somefin' - but don't)
> in the future if u could back up ur criticisms of my postings
> with some meat i would appreciate it
> to my knowledge the festivals do not work generally in an anarchic way
> but a hierarchical pattern structure
> which can reflect very specific modes (outdated modes) of functioning
> the functioning by way of choosing what films to present
> (done in various ways - sometimes very corrupt ways)
> judging 'winners' - having q & a with 'specific' filmmakers
> among other specifics
> (one of which i think is limiting what other art forms 'can' b present
> during festivals
> ((sometimes there is a musician playing w/ the film but...))
> and therein prescribing an overspecialization to the genre)
> doesn't break new ground per say
> it just walks the same outdated path
> do u know anything about dada, futurists, surrealism, fluxus, beat, french
> new wave, situationist movement?
> shows i have seen here in nyc (bradley eros primarily)
> and in seattle have incorporated such 'art house' concepts
> if there are festivals that do so
> i would be the first to offer my praise
> c
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