Re: labels/original intent of post

From: Anna Biller (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jul 02 2006 - 07:44:55 PDT

> Yes, calling her film a "video" because it was shot on HD is
> ridiculous. It
> simply flies in the face of what people expect the word "video" to
> mean,
> which has many connotations of poor contrast, odd gamma curves, and low
> resolution. Quite obviously, you havent even seen her work.

I don't think video has to have that connotation. People usually refer
to HD video as HD, which makes people know that it's not low quality
video. Festivals themselves refer to works they screen which are on
video. Sundance gives percentages of how many films they screen each
year which were shot on video. They don't seem to think it's ridiculous
to call Miranda July's work a video. Because they are not making a
value judgment of film or video, they are just describing what it is
they're showing.
> You must realize, as well, that your implication that by showing
> Miranda's
> work on digital projection that this is an indication of them being a
> "poser
> festival" is, whether you meant it that way or not, quite insulting to
> someone who created a beautiful work of art which won awards not only
> at
> Sundance but at Cannes. Though you haven't seen her work, you decide
> to make
> cavalier remarks like this just on the basis of the medium and the
> format of
> projection --- which is silly as well as chauvanistic.
I don't think calling Sundance a poser festival is an insult to the
people who screen their films there. It's an insult to Sundance.

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