Re: labels

From: Gary Berendsen (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 29 2006 - 23:17:38 PDT

Been reading this thread with interest,
It does seem that a lot of the problem stems from the inadequacy of the
medium our language that is.
In this case we are all communicating in english but in other languages this
would be different.
Also see the earlier point made about the word movie which does not exist in
swedish. Well this is the same for dutch no word movie.
In chinese film is made up of the characters for electric, dian and the
character for picture; image; reflection; shadow. = 电影。but can also be:
影片 = ying pian which translates as picture, image, reflection, shadow and
pian is thin, sheet, disc, slice or a flake.
Both means film or movie.

Anyway I usually just refer to what I am watching or renting.
I do not go to rent a film I rent a dvd or a video.
I watch said dvd.
I go to the film or to the movies and watch a movie or a film.

words just another way to miscommunicate.

Gary Berendsen