Re: labels

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 10:50:09 PDT

> What's the difference between "digital" and "video"?

Purely as a signal I think the differences between analog video and
digital video are, in the deeper sense, trivial. What you can do with
the digital representation, encoding of the signal can be big

As it's stated now, I suppose you can say that "video" refers to a
signal structure based on television rules (sync, more-or-less
traditional definition of color signal etc) whereas digital
representations of images need not be inhibited by those
parameters... in truth most "digital" in motion imaging is leveraging
a certain amount of "video" legacy -

(I'm doing my 16mm transfers initially to D5HD, which is a video
format, because the economics work for me currently - even if my goal
is certainly NOT to end up with anything like television material nor
something that looks like "video" as the system of video devices
would currently produce...)


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