Re: judges' statement

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2006 - 11:50:42 PDT

> at the bottom of my post i didn't say that i thought
> that gender bias
> exists in the exp. film community, but in our
> society. i'm frankly

Pip probably interpreted the OUR in our society to
mean the exp film commmunity I expect. It's a nice way
to think of course! ;)

> statistically
> significant imbalance - this kind of imbalance,
> regardless of the
> reasons, existed. and it is hard to outgrow
> quickly. things have

Yes this is what I kind of meant, that even if we have
developed a better balance NOW, our history is skewed,
so as we look at the history and include work of a
retrospective nature it might skew things.

> greatly improved since then, this is clear from
> jennifer's remark on
> how much great work is currently being produced by
> women. it would
> be much easier to say that these problems no longer
> existed if it was
> common some years at exp. film festivals to have
> mostly women being
> shown, or sweeping the awards. it's gotten much
> better, but in my

I hadn't thought of this but it's a really good point.
If we consider Freds point that at some point the coin
will land heads multiple times, just as a random
quirk, at some point, by the same reasoning we should
see the coin land multiple times on tails at some
point. Perhaps this has happened but my personal guess
would be that it hasn't which would suggest that
things are not balanced.

> on a more positive note, i'm currently doing street
> interviews and
> many people, men and women, have brought up, with
> excitement, the
> idea of electing a woman president in the near
> future.

It's lovely they want a woman president and from the
point of view of balance it would be nice too but as a
u.k citizen I would say to pick that woman carefully.
Just because she is a woman doesn't mean she will be a
better person or even be more disposed towards helping
other women.

We had a woman prime minister once here in the U.K.
> and now to speak very generally (and i hope for many
> reasons that
> this statement doesn't bite me in the ass somewhere
> in the future) -
> i must confess that i've recently become very
> optimistic about the
> growing power of women at all levels of society.
> but changes like
> this are hard, power is not given up easily and

It's good to have equal access to power but to my mind
it's even more important to find an end to the
discrimination itself. It shouldn't matter if someone
is male or female, and society should not be
segregated in the way it is. Power is just power, and
there is all kinds of power and women are not without

> don't want to hear, to keep one's eyes open.

Yes always have to keep at least one eye open, even if
you want them to think you are asleep. ;)
> i think jennifer's posting on this list also had the
> very positive
> effect of upping the profile of the onion city
> festival. here's
> hoping that that they get deluged by amazing films
> by women and
> others next year,

*giggle* Yes, I was thinking maybe that might happen
which would be fun and positive if it did! :)



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