Censorship Issue

From: Allyson K. (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2006 - 09:11:25 PDT

Hello Fellow Frameworkers:
I wanted to let you all know about a new Censorship tactic by the U.S.
Congress. Over the past couple of months a special webform called "Logic Puzzles"
was created for all Congressional offices to
use so they could better manage their incoming email. But there is one major
problem - it blocks ordinary citizens like you and me from communicating with
our Representatives if we can't answer the Logic Puzzle correctly. This is a
real threat to our democratic principles and right to free speech. See (
http://www.dontsilencethepeople.org) for more info.

Here's an example of the Logic Puzzle webform.
"What is the homonym for ad? You get three tries to answer the question
correctly. After three guesses you are blocked from sending your member of Congress
an email.

Just this week, over 100 organizations formed a bi-partisan coalition to tell
Congress to stop using the Logic Puzzle webforms.

Last week a bunch of us got together and and started a web campaign at (
http://www.dontsilencethepeople.org) to tell Congress to stop using this
insulting and anti-democratic Logic Puzzle based webform. Please take a minute and
sign the petition to tell Congress our voice counts. Citizens have the right
to communicate with members of Congress through e-mail, fax, postal letter or
carrier pigeon if necessary.

Please forward this email to your friends. We need as many people as possible
to sign the petition so we can deliver it to Congress.

Many Thanks,
Allyson Kapin
DC Underground Film Festival

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