Re: Inflatable Screen

From: Jeff Economy (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2006 - 12:12:48 PDT

In 1970, Upstate NY's Videofreex constructed the "Big Blue Calzone," a giant inflatable rear-projection TV set approx 50 feet in length. According to fonding freek Parry Teasdale,

"...for the Alternative Media Conference in 1970 at Goddard College, Davidson [Giggliotti] got really interested in inflatable technology so he built what amounted to an inflatable television set. It was a big, long inflatable. He called it the Big Blue Calzone. It had a rear projection screen on the front of it and the projector sat inside in this sort of amorphous blob. We projected our tapes on the screen so that people could sit outside and watch it."

Two photos of the very goofy-looking device are printed in Teasdale's book "Videofreex" (<>).


>hi jeff, that's funny, the Otherfilm group here in brisbane are organising an event for august called 'beamathon' which will feature an expanded cinema collaboration projecting onto an inflatable blimp-screen. we have asked a very talented technician/artist to build it and he is now considering different materials in terms of weight, durability, transparency..etc,
>are there any other examples out there of people projecting onto floating or suspended inflated screens that would be helpful to learn from?
>all the best,
>joel stern

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