Looking at Friel's decade

From: gregg biermann (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2006 - 15:27:49 PDT

I'll agree with Fred about the recklessness of the judges' statement and
leave it at that. But I'd like to add a bit about Patrick Friel because
in the years immediately before he took over the programming of Chicago
Filmmakers I was living in Chicago and I felt that the organization
lacked coherent artistic directorship. This perception was part of the
reason why I started my own screening series in Chicago in the
mid-1990's. But Patrick's dedication to cinema art is the reason why I
feel this has changed in the years since. I have quibbled with him over
particular programming decisions and his evaluation of particular
artists' work. But that is not really so important because I'm left with
the strong impression that his persistent commitment revitalized a
critical organization for avant-garde cinema.

Looking forward to your second decade.
formerly Chicago, now representin' Jersey -- Lord have mercy!

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