Sondheim and Thornton at Bergamont Center

From: Leslie Thornton (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2006 - 23:48:04 PDT

We're down to the last two days on this show, so if
you are in LA.... I'll be there on Saturday
afternoon, the last day, and hope to see, meet some of
you there. Please check the gallery website for more
information, and also the LA Weekly "Pick", below,
which gives a good summary. - Leslie Thornton

June 14, 2006

"Alan Sondheim and Leslie Thornton overwhelm us with
the ultimate TMI installation, throwing together
digital animation, videos of dancers and of a tram
coursing through an unidentified European city,
photographs of other dimly described locales, and
vitrine after vitrine of books, found photos and all
manner of documentary residue. The very incoherence
of this media bath manifests its message: the failure
of language and the collapse of civilization into
ecstatic, even erotic entropy. The chaos of the whole
allows us to indulge that much more in the pleasures
of its parts."

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