Re: kodachrome!

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2006 - 08:43:30 PDT

--- Gregory Kurcewicz <email suppressed> wrote:

> I have just recieved a roll of 16mm kodachrome back
> from France (could have
> been Switzerland perhaps) via sending it to the

Hiya Gregory! :)

Yes it would definitely be switzerland, and the kodak
swiss people are really nice. They have beautiful
accents, and there is a lady there called Florence
which I think is a beautiful name. It is a shame that
they are closing the plant. I worry about what will
happen to all the workers. It is a shame switzerland
is not part of the E.U. as then all the workers could
come to England and work for kodak u.k.! :)

Mind you I'm not sure I would want to wish England on
anyone right now. ;)

> Hemel Hempstead P.O box in
> the UK. The turn-around was only two weeks which I
> was quite surprised
> about, considering.

You were very lucky. The Deer Park lane address used
to have all it's film taken away in a big kodak truck
to switzerland but recently this changed and Royal
Mail were supposed to do the forwarding. Royal Mail
screwed up however (What's new) and I ended up waiting
nearly 2 months to receive some carts back. It's sent
my current film project badly off track as I've not
been able to see what I am doing. Grrrrrr.

Was really, really glad to get the film back tho, as I
was really scared that it was gone forever!

With Royal Mail now in the loop it's probably much
safer to send the stuff directly to switzerland. For
me one of the big advantages of sending to Deer Park
lane was it was less time in the hands of the awful,
awful, awful, Royal Mail.

If you got your film back a couple of weeks ago then
you probably just missed out on all that nonsense! :)



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