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From: Gregory Kurcewicz (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 16:43:07 PDT

I have just recieved a roll of 16mm kodachrome back from France (could have
been Switzerland perhaps) via sending it to the Hemel Hempstead P.O box in
the UK. The turn-around was only two weeks which I was quite surprised
about, considering.

The only place I can figure in the UK to have it at the moment os Stanley
productions in London , The Widescreen Centre doesn't stock it now.

If anyone else in the UK has a source I would love to know.


Greg K

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> They are not making more but are selling out their stock. Try different
> cash and carry desks, or ask who else retailed it.
> The real story behind why Kodak wanted to phase out Kodachrome is that it
> was the only stock made in their French factory in Chalon, which closed
> last year. Chalon primarily cut down wide rolls sent from Rochester for
> the European market; they also made x-ray film, and they made Kodachrome.
> Kodak felt it was not worth moving Kodachrome production to Rochester; the
> machines were old and they only sold 100,000 cartridges a year anyway and
> it was expensive to keep Lausanne going, so there was no profit in it.
> It's too bad they didn't decide to actually market it instead of
> discontinuing it - the best publicity Kodachrome got was when it was
> discontinued; nobody knew it still existed, and today people tell me they
> heard Super-8 is discontinued (all super-8, not just k40, which of course
> isn't true), so Kodak is even more out of touch than ever with their
> consumers.
> There is money in Kodachrome if somebody wants to make it. Kodak doesn't
> know how.
> -Pip
>>Pip-- a month ago I was told by Kodak that 16mm Kodachrome was also no
>>longer available. Is this mistaken?? I'd love to get my hands on some...
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