Re: Beaulieu 5008S / double system sound

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2006 - 17:12:00 PDT

--- David Tetzlaff <email suppressed> wrote:

> Once you're in the world of digital post, you don't
> need crystal anything
> to get sync. Analog audio recorders don't have any
> significant drift, but

Actually youre probably right, tho I expect I've got a
few that do but that may well be their age and
condition, but I would be worried about the
culmulative effect of drift from both the camera and
the recorder. I bet you would lose sync much more
quickly, but then you can always cut away and re-sync
your audio.

In that situation however, it might be even worth
slating just on the heads and fiddling around in post
rather than slating heads and tails.

As you say almost all the low end audio recorders are
digital now anyway but I'm really not sure how much
I'd want to trust an old cassette recorder with it's
wow and flutter to the job, even tho musically I am
probably drawn to it for its inconsistancies.

> others have observed, the
> main problem with the proposed project is camera
> noise. Freya makes a good
> point about cameras with a lot of electronics having
> gone dead by now, the
> capacitors dry up and fail. Another problem is that
> the built in metering
> systems in old S8 cameras may well be shot even

God yes, the metering is always the first thing to go
I find. I think I've managed to partially fix an old
bauer but generally it's rare to find working meters
in my experience. Maybe I'm just unlucky tho.

The nizo's seem much more likely to have stopped
working by now than other cameras however which is a
real shame.

> though the transport may
> work fine, and on many models it's hard to set
> manual exposure.

and on some it isn't possible or relies on your meter
being at least partially functioning. :(



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